Elevate your wine experience!

my*somm is proud to offer a range of specialised services tailored to meet the unique needs of our valued clients in and around Munich.

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast seeking a memorable evening with friends in an intimate setting, a business organisation searching for unique client experiences, or a gastronomic establishment looking to enhance your wine list and service, we have the perfect solutions for you.

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Private Clients: Unwind and Savour

Indulge in the pleasures of fine wines and elevate your personal wine journey with our exclusive services designed for private clients. We offer:

  1. Wine Workshops & Tasting Events: Immerse yourself in a guided wine tasting experience led by expert sommelier Daniele del Gesso. Explore a carefully curated selection of wines, expand your knowledge, and refine your palate. (Also available virtually.) More info…

  2. Wine Consulting: Unlock the secrets of wine with personalised consultations tailored to your preferences. Whether you’re building a private cellar or seeking recommendations for special occasions, Finkus is here to assist you.

Corporate Clients: Impress and Engage

Make a lasting impression on your clients, reward your employees, or create unique team-building experiences with our corporate services. We offer:

  1. Exclusive Wine Events: Host bespoke wine tastings, wine pairing dinners, or themed wine experiences for your clients or employees. Somm Daniele del Gesso will create an unforgettable event that leaves a lasting impression and strengthens business relationships.

  2. Client Incentives: Delight your valued clients with unique wine-related incentives. From private wine tastings to curated wine gift sets, we’ll help you create personalised experiences that express appreciation and foster loyalty.

  3. Team-Building Experiences: Foster team bonding and enhance communication through interactive wine-themed team-building events. From blind tastings to wine blending workshops, our engaging activities are designed to bring your team closer together.

Gastronomy: Enhance Your Culinary Offering

Elevate your gastronomic establishment with our specialised services tailored for restaurants, hotels, and culinary businesses. (Auch in deutscher Sprache.)

We offer:

  1. Wine Pairing Consulting: Enhance your menu with expertly curated wine pairings. Daniele will collaborate with your culinary team to create harmonious combinations that elevate the dining experience and delight your guests.

  2. Staff Training: Equip your staff with comprehensive wine knowledge and service skills through our tailored training programs. From wine appreciation to service etiquette, we’ll empower your team to deliver exceptional wine experiences to your patrons.

  3. Wine List Curation: Let us take your wine list to new heights. Expert somm Daniele del Gesso will assist in curating a diverse and captivating wine selection that complements your culinary offerings and delights your discerning guests.

Contact us today to discuss how we can customise our offerings to meet your specific requirements. 089.32 88 22 11

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